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Bass Lesson

Fumi & Shinji Segawa's Bass School


Train Access: Six minute walk from JR / Odakyu Noborito Station
Road Access: Take either the Setagaya Dori Komae-Bashi or #246 Futako-Bashi
(For details please see here or send a fax to 044-922-5983)

About Our Lessons

The better you get the cheaper the lessons gte.  The reason for this is that as your skill improves the less time and effort it takes to wrap yourself around new material.  For example the time involved in mastering the methods and reading of sheet music for your first song can be saved when you move on to the next.

We won't push our tastes or personal preferences on you. We don't try to direct or influence your hobby our band activities. Even if you choose to pursue J-pop or punk we will provide you with the fundamentals of bass playing with can be applied to any and all genres, but please take it upon youself to discover a deeper sense of musical appreciation.

Homework will be given. Period level checks are also held.

There is no charge for teaching materials.

Feel free to bring recoding devices and notepads. Bass lesson FAQ (Japanese only)


Level 1  Four 80 minute lessons for 20,000 yen per month.
Level 2  Four 80 minute lessons for 16,000 yen per month.
Level 3  Three 80 minute lessons for 12,000 yen per month.
Semi-Pro  Three 60 minute lessons for 9,000 yen per month.
Professional level: 60 minute lessons at 3,000 yen as often as you like.

There is no charge for lesson materials. A 10,000 yen enterance fee is required.
Frequent level checks will be performed to ensure that students are assigned to the appropriate level.
All students begin at level one for the first month.

Preparrations for the first lesson.

1. Decide when you would like to have your lesson. It is okay to have multiple times in mind.
2. Please write down your name, address and contact information.
We will let you know the date and place for the lesson as well as our contact information.
Next, let us know that you have paid for the first lesson.
For a bank deposit please use The Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank's Noborito branch. Account number 0892857. Account holder Koyasu Fumi.
Lastly we will confirm your lesson schedule.
You may not cancel on the day of a lesson.
Please contact
If you don't recieve a reply within three days please send a fax to 044-922-5983.

Application details (Japanese only)

If you wish to study independently please find more information here.