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shinji segawa 瀬川信二

Shinji Segawa

(Electric & Upright Bass, koyabu board)

Born June, 13th, 1975.
Primary Instruments:
Fender Jazz bass (fretted,fretless)
Bacchus 5-Strings
Alter Ego Ballad 4 (Electric Upright)
Koyabu Board -GK
DeArmond Ashbory Bass

Primary Software:
Digital Performer 5
Reason 4
Peak Pro 5

Personal History

I happened to take up bass two years after the loss of Freddy Mercury.
Luckily I was able to get work in the local music industry of my hometown of Sapporo.

I undertook a teaching position in the bass department of the Entertainment Buisness Academy.

Taught at the bass department and music department of Kuma Harada, a bass player living in England.

After coming to Tokyo, I was a B.I.T teacher at the Musicians Institute Japan, while pursuing my own independent music career.